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AmeriCorps NCCC

AmeriCorps NCCC is now accepting concept forms/RFPs for Round 3: January 6 – February 10. 

What could a team of 8 dedicated volunteers do for you?

Think back to the most productive volunteer days that you have ever hosted. Now imagine that much work getting done EVERY DAY for weeks on end especially if you aren’t currently accepting volunteers to assist with that work!

AmeriCorps NCCC (National Civilian Community Corps) are currently deploying teams across the United States for high-impact service projects, and we’re looking for non-profits, faith based organizations, government entities, public schools and Native American Tribal Councils interested in hosting a team between January 6 – February 10. 

NCCC teams are diverse in their ability to do both physical and administrative projects, so don’t shy away if your project is office work.  We are extremely interested in assisting with projects that are primarily indoors due to the winter season.  This could be tasks such as phone banking, research projects, website and social media, curriculum development, logistical work in preparation for upcoming year, etc. We also receive very few applications of around Veterans and/or Military Families, therefore any interested projects would stand a better-than-usual chance of receiving a team!

This is a chance to not only perform critical service, but to introduce our diverse 18- to 24-year-old members to your agency’s mission – and perhaps spark their interest in non-profit, government and public sector careers. We realize the nation is currently dealing with a public health pandemic so by partnering with AmeriCorps NCCC we can begin rebuilding and strengthening communities.  NCCC teams have been trained to strictly adhere to CDC Covid-19 guidelines as well as agency worksite guidelines to ensure not only member safety but community safety as well.


NCCC teams are also available to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic efforts. Even though this is a complex issue, there are a list of ideas that we’ve brainstormed how our Corps Members may get involved. These tasks include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Food Security: Assisting with day-to-day or expanded operations of food pantries and other donation centers
  • Economic development opportunities, running events/festivals, other tasks to improve tourism and bring more money into the local economy
  • Helping with Veteran Stand Down events, to include event logistics, marketing and attracting service providers
  • Blight/Beautification projects: Mowing lawns, trimming bushes, etc., so people who could not maintain their property, or afford to pay others to do so, avoid being fined.
  • Helping with the 211 information lines and contact tracing
  • Assisting any homeless services or homeless coalitions with day-to-day operation or temporary program expansion
  • Other projects addressing new or more urgent needs caused by the COVID-19 outbreak

There is no cost for sponsoring (hosting) an NCCC team. However, sponsors must provide: 1) lodging for the team (camping is acceptable, time and weather dependent), 2) training on the specific skills needed, 3) a supervisor to serve alongside the team at least 20 hours a week, and 4) project tools and supplies. Note that lodging with an outside partner (nearby summer camp, state park, retreat center, church, etc.) is acceptable as long as they can fulfill our Covid-19 housing guidelines especially with shared spaces. The team could potentially serve at that location for a portion of the project to reduce or eliminate any costs, as long as the organization is an eligible nonprofit or government entity and the service is meaningful.


In an effort to provide more support and guidance to the process, feel free to attend one of the 30 minute RFP Introduction webinars listed below.  We will give a brief overview of AmeriCorps NCCC and introduce our RFP process.

  • Wednesday, August 26th at 11a EST
  • Thursday, September 3rd at 1p EST
  • Wednesday, September 9th at 11a EST
  • Thursday, September 17th at 1p EST

The log-in information is below:
Online using zoom platform:

Meeting ID: 578 047 0511

Passcode: 8q5yf6


The deadline for the NCCC third round of concept forms is Thursday, September 17th.  Please consider the projects your organization have and will have after the holiday season.

Additional information:

  • Request for Proposals (RFP): This includes the project dates and deadlines to apply for an NCCC Class 26B team.
  • Project Concept Form: This is the first of two applications that applicants would need to submit to apply for a team.
  • Concept Form Instructions: Instructions on how to complete the Project Concept Form.
  • Project Sheet: A list of tasks broken down by different focus areas of what our teams have done with sponsors.



Note from GOSV: This page is an adapted notification from Victoria Lanier, Assitant Program Director of AmeriCorps NCCC. Please contact her to discuss how you can build successful projects together, or to recommend other organizations that may benefit in applying for an NCCC team. Contact information: O: (601) 630-4071, M: (202) 355-2014,

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