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Volunteering in Maryland

Volunteers taking the pledge

Volunteering is a Maryland tradition, reaching as far back as 1633 when the Maryland Charter established its first militia. From that point in history, Maryland citizens have continued to dedicate their time and effort to protecting and preserving the environment, mentoring and tutoring young people, feeding the hungry and homeless, donating time and money to nonprofits, and countless other services to communities.

Today, Maryland citizens continue to dedicate themselves to creating a stronger Maryland. According to a 2018 report on volunteering in the United States released by the Corporation for National and Community Service,

  • 1.7 million Maryland citizens volunteer each year;
  • Maryland volunteers provide 181.9 million hours of service;
  • The value of Marylanders’ service is $4.3 billion to local citizens and communities.
  • 58.3% of residents donate $25 or more to charity.

Volunteering in Maryland Map

Want to serve your community? The Maryland Volunteer Centers operate around Maryland and act as matchmakers for citizens who want to serve and nonprofits and communities who need help.

Disaster Volunteering

For those looking to support people in need after a disaster the Govenor’s Office on Service and Volunteerism provides a list of private and nonprofit agenices active in disaster relief.

Volunteer Management

The Governor’s Office on Service and Volunteerism aims to connect new Volunteer Managers with training tools and resources to support their efforts.