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Any individual youth or youth group volunteers, from 6th to 12th grade (generally, but not limited to, ages 11 to 18 years old), who have demonstrated commitment and dedication to Maryland through significant and direct volunteer service from March 2021 to March 2022 can be nominated. The nominee’s volunteer service must have occurred in Maryland and must have been for the direct benefit of Maryland citizens and/or the environment. The volunteer service must not be provided for the sole benefit of a for-profit business.

  • Nominees must have been in 6th to 12th-grade during the period.
  • Volunteer service must be performed outside the context of the nominee’s paid employment.
  • Past recipients of the Governor’s Service Awards or Youth Service Awards program may not be nominated for the 2022 Youth Service Awards.
  • Youth should not be nominated for their financial contributions or fundraising, political advocacy, or for administrative roles in the nominating agency.
  • No more than three nominations will be accepted from any individual nominator.
  • Multiple submissions for the same individual by the same nominator will not be accepted (i.e., do not submit two or more nominations for the same nominee).

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