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February 2021

  • Civitan Club of Baltimore: “100 years of volunteer service supporting organizations and individuals with developmental disabilities.”¬†The Civitan Club of Baltimore
  • Delmarva Crafters: “During COVID-19, Delmarva Crafters helped form in March 2020 to help provide masks to help combat the PPE shortage. Since then, our volunteers have helped provide 15,000 masks to hospital staff, frontliners, and underserved communities. We have also provided knit and crochet goods and sewn items to other communities in need like those experiencing homelessness and seniors.” Dominique E. Sessa, Carmine Sessa, Judith Sessa, Carol Hamilton, William Hamilton, Olivia Hamilton, Avielle Hamilton,J enn Hamilton, Susan Bromm, Haley Morris, Charles Morris, Makayla Morris, Lorli Thompson, Carli Taylor, Judy Plummer, Stephanie Preston, Tiffany Jordan, Mary AnneMills, Julie Krenzer, Claire DeVal, Laura Rayne, Lori Richard, Bonnie Clough, Norma Boone, Cathy Cohee, Cheryl Doughty, Sina Malone, Heather Perrozi,Linda Lagstrom, Penny Sperry, Lynne Bratten, Jenny Tusing, Judy Halter, Barbara Wood, Michele Garigliano, Jackie Smith, Peg Ewancio, Laura Baasland, Tara Holste, Debbie Byrd, Kimberly Martin, Wendy Leber, Debbie Hawkins, Robin Mower, Marianne Van den Meydenberg, Susan Personette, Binda DiCarlo, Panda Husbands, Zahida Rasheed, Dotty Semotchko, Jack Semotchko, Brenda Desormeaux, Lee EllenGriffith, Susan Parker, Sarah Meyers, Gale Widdowson, Mary Hitch, Aleta Davis, RitaTiso, Sharon Murphy, Cindy Jones, Barbara Miller, Karen Towers, Adith Thummalapalli, Rajeswari Thummalapalli, Kevin Justice, Crystal Heiser, Deborah Ritterson, Mandy Lankford, Michele Ennis, Deborah Ritterson¬†

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