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Governor’s Volunteer Service Certificate

The Governor’s Office on Service and Volunteerism is proud to recognize the following Governor’s Volunteer Service Certificate recipients!

December 2020
  • United States Air Force: “The following volunteers contributed 200 hours of service finding sponsors for the Salvation Army Angel Tree Program, resulting in 350 children receiving $90K in Christmas gifts– making them the largest NCR Angel Tree Sponsor and adding to the legacy of over 1,200 children being sponsored in Prince George’s County since 2013.” Michael Riley, Adriana Schwartz, Brett Tesson, Jacob Whitfill, Jacob Davis, Stephen Watson, Kevin Kelly, Justin Schwartz
  • Happy Helpers for the Homeless, Inc.: “Volunteers assisted in sorting, packaging and delivering food, clothing and toiletries to needy individuals and families in Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City and Caroline County.” Mackenzie Ferrera, Leonora King, Katie Bottom, Devin Mowry, Carole Brown, Charon Nelson, Hannah Nelson, Gabi Nelson, Karen Mitchell, Ellise Mitchell, Melissa Coad, Diane Davis, Annabel Frey, Ally Ganong, Devin Lapole, Monique Brown, Sean Bajadek, Caitlyn Nilo, Matthew Adams, Danny Nguyen, Dana DePaul, Rae Ann Cinquanto, Kyle Schmitt, The Villareal Family, Kelly MacDonnell, Donna Walther, Beltsville Academy  
  • Town of Chesapeake City: “Volunteers contributed many hours to a Town Wide Clean-up, Food Drive, Clothing and Toy Drive, and a 9-11 Memorial Service.” Elaine Boyle, Karyn Huddleston, Mary Anna Taylor Vaupel, Liza Malin, Andrea Driscoll, Susan Gill, The Logullo Family, Vulcan’s Rest, Anne Peacock, Mary Teague Hutton, Karen Coulter-Emory, The Eilborn-Brown Family, Marie Dochter, Margie Smith, Karen Cornieles, Tami Pleasanton, The Turofski Family, DeAnna Everett-Collins, Jesse Cloud, Tonya Lockwood, Valerie Walls, John Loveless, Zach Timchula, The Fraser Family, The Roddy Family, Linda Coliukos, John Watson, Harry Albert, Frank Vari, Jacqueline Maxwell, Erica Vari-Taylor, Nichole Netz, Vince Weigle, MPK Services, The Polifroni Family, The Town of Chesapeake City, Robert Bernstine, Chesapeake City Ecumenical Association, The Inn at the Canal, The Old Gray Mare, Chesapeake City VFW Post 7687, Chesapeake City Elementary School, Chesapeake City Volunteer Fire Department, The Quinlan Family, Dollar General of Chesapeake City


January 2021
  • Heartland Hospice Beltsville: “This year and in spite of the pandemic our volunteers remained engaged in their service to our hospice organization. Through visits, phone calls, and administrative support, volunteers contributed approximately 1,000 hours to fulfill our sacred mission of journeying with the dying and their loved ones and caring for them holistically.” Verna Blake, Page Buker, Michael Cohen, Viola Cornelius, Janice Darcey, Jasmine Fields, La’Trina Gaskill, Angella Greaves, Lillie Harmon, Sharon Holmes, Brenda Huelle, Jessica Jiang, Jillian Jones, Karen W. Jones, Varna Kishore, Chris Kosky, Gemma Kuijpers, Kathleen McHugh, Kaci McNeave, Marie Medeck, Shawn Meepagala, Andrew Neal, Jamie Pfeiffer, Sinai Reyes, Kristina Salguero, Jaron Sanchez, Jason Sanchez, Gretchen Shannon, Suzanne Skinner, Rachel Sutcliffe, Frankye Taylor, Viviana Westbrook, Alexis White, Tyler Nofzinger, Rachel Diehl, Mahya Abedi-Jafari
  • 2020 USA National Miss Maryland Princess: “Aniyah contributed over 100 volunteer hours in 2020. These hours included packing snacks for the Ronald McDonald House, Collecting blankets for the John’s Hopkins Children’s Center, Delivering essentials to elderly neighbors during the statewide stay home order, and many other notable services to help meet the needs of her community.” Aniyah Nelson
  • Stillmeadow Community Projects Inc: “These youth volunteers helped pack, delivery and distribute food and toiletry items at Stillmeadow Food Pantry to those in need during the Spring and Summer of 2020. Creating Community Peace Park (partner with USDA), youth work students, playgrounds with materials from park and Hoogle garden.” Marc Cruise, Morgan Cruise, Larry Douglass, Aniya Jones, Autumn Lewis, Michael Lewis 
February 2021
  • Civitan Club of Baltimore: “100 years of volunteer service supporting organizations and individuals with developmental disabilities.” The Civitan Club of Baltimore
  • Delmarva Crafters: “During COVID-19, Delmarva Crafters helped form in March 2020 to help provide masks to help combat the PPE shortage. Since then, our volunteers have helped provide 15,000 masks to hospital staff, frontliners, and underserved communities. We have also provided knit and crochet goods and sewn items to other communities in need like those experiencing homelessness and seniors.” Dominique E. Sessa, Carmine Sessa, Judith Sessa, Carol Hamilton, William Hamilton, Olivia Hamilton, Avielle Hamilton,J enn Hamilton, Susan Bromm, Haley Morris, Charles Morris, Makayla Morris, Lorli Thompson, Carli Taylor, Judy Plummer, Stephanie Preston, Tiffany Jordan, Mary AnneMills, Julie Krenzer, Claire DeVal, Laura Rayne, Lori Richard, Bonnie Clough, Norma Boone, Cathy Cohee, Cheryl Doughty, Sina Malone, Heather Perrozi,Linda Lagstrom, Penny Sperry, Lynne Bratten, Jenny Tusing, Judy Halter, Barbara Wood, Michele Garigliano, Jackie Smith, Peg Ewancio, Laura Baasland, Tara Holste, Debbie Byrd, Kimberly Martin, Wendy Leber, Debbie Hawkins, Robin Mower, Marianne Van den Meydenberg, Susan Personette, Binda DiCarlo, Panda Husbands, Zahida Rasheed, Dotty Semotchko, Jack Semotchko, Brenda Desormeaux, Lee EllenGriffith, Susan Parker, Sarah Meyers, Gale Widdowson, Mary Hitch, Aleta Davis, RitaTiso, Sharon Murphy, Cindy Jones, Barbara Miller, Karen Towers, Adith Thummalapalli, Rajeswari Thummalapalli, Kevin Justice, Crystal Heiser, Deborah Ritterson, Mandy Lankford, Michele Ennis, Deborah Ritterson 
March 2021
  • Blessings in A Backpack – Frederick Chapter: “Our school coordinators contributed a total of 4,680 hours of service since COVID started, to coordinate, pack and distribute meals to children who might otherwise go hungry when school meals are unavailable over weekends, school breaks, and summer vacation.” Kathleen Klecan, Melani Drummer, Melissa Medwid, Rita Powell, Laura Boston, Denise Armentrout, Nina Blackner, Stacy Bokinsky, Sharon Brown, Jody Sullivan, Angie Harpster, Jenn Anderson, Mary Alice Self, Jen Anderson, Brandi Putnam, Erin Lawrence, Kelley Turnbull, Trisha Gaskill, Rachel Session, Rebecca DeGioia, Jon Carothers, Lori Gardner, Kim Kile, Jen Cruz, Shannon Kelly, Pete Dunnigan, Debbie Dunnigan, Candace Poska, Ed Ramsey, Teresa Kidd
  • Johns Hopkins Patient and Family Advisory Committee: “Thousands of hours co-chairing this committee to engage speakers, workshops and outreach to improve the experience of patients and family needs at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins Medical Center” Lisa Rasmussen 
  • City of Hyattsville: “In March of 2020 and continuing through April of 2021 the City of Hyattsville’s Emergency Food Distribution Volunteers have contributed over 5,000 hours of weekly service in the distribution of over 90,000 lbs of perishable and non-perishable boxes of food items, 3,000 face masks, 20,000 diapers and 34,000 Senior Frozen Meals. The distribution of these resources have assisted in helping to meet the needs of our neighbors during the COVID-19 Pandemic.” 2020 ~ 2021 City of Hyattsville Emergency Food Distribution Volunteers 
April 2021
  • Keswick Multi-Care Center: “Keswick volunteers contributed over 12,000 hours before the pandemic hit and we would like to recognize them for their continued support and service to Keswick and its residents.” Anne Adoryan, Nicole Anderson, Allyn Arnold, Phyllis Becoat, Emma Birkle, Morgan Brown, Deborah Burke, Gabrielle Burney, Tina Cao, Tania Carter, Ethel Cedrone, Reberta Charles, L’Rae Chester, My’Asia Clea, Kaila Davis, Nakiya Douglas, Tayla Eley, Edward Fisher, Ayushi Gautum, Deborah Givens, Yakhare Gueye, Maraj Gwynallen, Leonora Habersham, Chance Hatcher, Renee Hayward, Coretha Holly, Grace Kim, Pastor Dorothy Lewis, Kaya Lewis, Katie Locke, Julian Mendez, Shamira Morgan, Brenda Nnadi, Edmond Nolley, Sophia Ossei-Boateng, Nick Politakis, Jerome “J.P.” Price, Brianna Rogers, Zawadi Sankofa, Mark Seba, Violet Sloat, Isabella Smith-Johnson, Gabrielle Smith-Johnson, Kamare Sparkman, Loretta Spivey-Price, Virginia Swann, Juanita Teel, Theresa Thomas, Erin Ward, Kahmaya Whitehurst, Eliana Williams, Lance Lew, Claire Locke, Tierra Cross, Senghan Baek, Hanan Bandak, Chris Bedell, Elizabeth Chatpar, Andrew Cho, Irene Halferty, William Hoyt, Rachel Huang, James Huang, Hoyeon Im, Annette Mchugh-Jackson, Naveena Murugan, Marie Nunez Duarte, Reuben Park, Elissa Parra, Aishwarya Pradeep, Deepti Sudhakar
  • Warrior Canine Connection: “Volunteers contributed over 1000 hours of service to WCC in roles such as Puppy Parents, Puppy Sitters, and Whelping/Puppy Watcher Volunteers to help further our mission. Their dedication and selfless service enables WCC to place highly-trained, confident dogs with the individuals we serve, which is truly life changing.” Pat Hipsley, Jane Hipsley, Robin Martin, Wendy Notari, Christie Vu, Charlyn Tanner, Hillary Clagett, Michele Burkhammer, Deborah Scheuerman, Marielena McGuire, Lisa Pendleton, Michael Padhi, Sandi Rosenberg, Patricia Henderson. Linda Wang, Tammy Crozier, Bill Crozier, Celeste Diehm, Lily Wong, Patricia Gregory, Krista Vega, Katherine Kane, Ashley Poindexter-Tarmy, Terrie Bates, Lauren Meus
  • Boy Scouts of America Troop 328: “Volunteers served the Youth of Troop 328” Joe Krimm, Anne Feibusch
  • Nia’s Birthday Box: “The organization has contributed over 1,500 hours to help seniors and children in hospitalized, sheltered, and foster care environments feel included, comforted, and celebrated. We have given over 500 boxes full of birthday treats and life/hygiene necessities to these people.” Ronia Brown
May 2021
  • Stillmeadow Community Projects Inc: “Our dedicated volunteers selfishly sacrificed their safety and time to help us serve those hurting in our city and beyond during the COVID-19 Quarantine. These amazing Marylanders began serving every week and more on March 16th and continue to help us to reach those still struggling to recover from the effects of the pandemic. If it weren’t for these every day heroes/volunteers we wouldn’t have been able to serve more than families 2500 over 225,000 pounds of food, household and PPE supplies.” Yu-Ling Shao, Kyle Shao, Sandy Willhide, Ashley Willhide, Marc Cruise, Marc B. K. Cruise, Morgan Cruise, Joseph Mihm, Austin Rice, Gail Martin, Jujuan Lawson, Renee Tuck, James Harris, Katie Thomas, Vermell NeSmith, Beverly Grant, Frank Davies, Gwen Williams, Richard Shuey, Owen Dutton, Vanessa Kirkland, Eric Griswold, Jackie Griswold, Kimberly Cruise, Yorell Tuck, Michael Martin
  • Bwana Foundation: “Volunteers contributed a total of 1,000 hours to help elect Democrats to office.” Bwana Payeye Kizito
June 2021
  • Climate Action Now Club: “Organized a denim drive with BlueJeansGoGreen to collect 820 pieces of denim to be converted into recycled housing insulation and reduce waste produced by the textile industry. The following students also organized a book drive with TurningThePage to collect 1870 books to make sure that students receive valuable educational resources and ensure that books are being recycled instead of thrown away.” Teresa Doley, Farin Alimo, Bailey Lehfeldt, Paulina Martinez
  • Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.: “The individuals on this list have volunteered time to provide and distribute donated food throughout Baltimore City and Baltimore County to families and Senior Citizens since the beginning of Covid 19 Pandemic.” Dwayne White, Ayesha Clatterbuck, Quentin Evans, William H.Haskett
July 2021
  • Friends of Tonga: “Friends of Tonga rebuilt the Ta’anga Kindergarten, in the Kingdom of Tonga, that was destroyed by Cyclone Gita in 2018.” Chiara Collette, Roy Varghese, Lee Hartle, Katie Tongia, Harrison Siegel, Tu’amelie Mahe, Reimen Hii, Todd Henry, Michael Hassett, Autumn Thomas
  • Beracah Music Foundation, Inc. : “These volunteers have participated in the music programs to encourage seniors and homeless people. They practiced and played various music with their instruments,and made music video clips to share to the public. They volunteered to distribute breads, cans, toilet papers, sensitizers and masks in Baltimore. They contributed more than 400 hours of this year in Howard and Anne Arundel County. ” Youngmi Chae, Joohyang J. Chang, Hongjoo H. Nam, Jungran Han, Youngjoo Kim, Gilhyuk Lee, Trinity Jung, Seewoo Choi, Theodis S. Hill, Hayden Yoon, Jina Yoo
  • Community Bridges: “CB volunteers made 550 grocery deliveries and tutored 327.45 hours helping girls with homework.” Alexis Lennon, Amy Mitchell, Bruce Lewis, Carolyn Pollard, Claire Asenso, Elizabeth Hasfal, Gabrielle Vetter-Taaffe, Itcenia Quezada, Katie Boushall, Katie Perugini, Krishnendu Mangal, Marianne Hope, Marilyn Ramirez, Megan OToole, Selamawit Tsegaye, Ann Perper, Bianca Moreno Rupert, Allen Perper, Ann Collins, Brittany Stott, Debbie Roumell, Cristal Ouedraogo, Debra Liverpool, Delnora Lynn, Diedre Robinson, Dilcia Morris, Ellen Siskind, Ellen Weiss, Genesis Sotomayor, Jacklyn Njoya, Janai Hollinger, Jeannette O’Connor, Jessica Corvera, Jewel Martin, Joana Smith-Romani, Kelly Porter, Kiki Kienstra, Kim Jones, Lorie Jackson, Lorraine Voles, Mike Larson, Nishell Savory, Mickey Irizarry, Ranit Schmelzer, Pearl Andrieu, Ryan Saloman, Stephanie Helsing, Susan Baker, Theresa Testoni, Tisha Gandy, Walter Carlton, Albinus D’sa, Brenda Padilla, James Lee, Maisha Spann, Mark DiAngeli, Jane DiAngeli, Melanie Lacher, Mikayla Kinloch, Ryan Thomas, Rick Liu, Sarah Von Esh, Aditi Joshi, Angeline Vilmar, Claire Ettinger
August 2021
  • Scientific Minds of America: “Youth established and led nonprofit organization founded in 2015 that aims to provide equal education for all, especially during the Covid pandemic through volunteer tutoring. In the 2020-2021 school year, our 175+ tutors have worked to serve over 200 students amounting to 2600 service hours.” Jaelyn Hui, Sidd Shah, Priyanka Ramulu, Krish Kalra, Arjun Kanjarpane, Dev Patel, Gabriel Otubu, Rhea Kalra, Shreyas Ramulu
  • Meals On Wheels: “These volunteers have contributed more than 1,000 hours of service in Baltimore City.” Millie Rice, Judy Alexander
  • Uttar Dhalarpar Agragamee Club: “This club acts as a voluntary social welfare organization.” Rashed Alam, Muntasir Mamun, Sujon Mia, Nur Mohammad 
  • Allentown Parks and Recreation Council: “The volunteer members of the Allentown Parks and Recreation Council have provided over 60 years of service to and advocacy for the community in southern Prince George’s County and The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, Department of Parks and Recreation, Prince George’s County.” Julia Baltimore, President
  • Oakleigh Elementary Parent Volunteer: “As a parent volunteer, I completed over 50 hours of service to further the mission of the BCPS Volunteer Program by serving kids in Oakleigh Elementary 3rd grade class.” Lakesha F Johnson
  • Woodbourne TFC: “Foster Parent” Justine Chase, Keith Harris, Blair Harris, Fanica Miller, Melody Cruz, Darion Johnson, Lauren Miller, Danica Miller
September 2021
  • ACAN Severna Park: “Have served as a nonprofit volunteer with this organization for over 20 years and have dedicated over 12, 700 hours with a commitment to serving communities in an effort to help feed those in hunger.” Linwood D. Jackson Sr., Rhonda D. Jackson 
October 2021
  • Rachell L. Gray Community Foundation, Inc.: During a global pandemic, these volunteers contributed countless hours of service to package, distribute and deliver over 200,000 pounds of food to the community. Their contributions and fundraising efforts this year have helped to further our mission of helping to provide for the basic needs of the community. They are truly PEOPLE DRIVEN AND COMMUNITY FOCUSED. Mark Ford, Roslyn Jones, Keith Jones, India Jackson, Bruce Jackson, Brittany Wilson, Wanda Johnson, Martha Morton, Janet Eldridge, Denise Dorsey, Andrea Vinson, Adrienne Stapleton, Antoinette Jones, Adrianna Stapleton, Wanda Eldridge, Arthur Noakes, Tanya Joyner, Stacie Jones, Fred Jones, Christian Jones, Shanica Jackson, Donald Miller, Cindy Sewell, Laverne Pope, Leon Jones, Bessie Bordenave, Juanita Jones, Sylvia Warren, Corey Noakes, Christina Gray, Fenecia Jones, India Ranel, Mark Johnson
November 2021
  • MDDF 10th Medical Regiment: During the last year members of the 10th Medical Regiment supported the MD National Guard Surgeons Office by providing trained medical providers and admin staff to support the MDNG & Task Force Equities Covid Testing and Vaccination mission. LTC Kathryn Adams, 1LT Joy Ashcraft, LTC Harold Bailey, CPT Eric Besch, COL Howard Bond, Kim Brazil, Maxine Canty, CPT Quincy Chau, 2LT Tana Crumbley-Hassan, Frank Disimino, 1LT Lynn Eskite-Tant, MAJ Jacob Gerstein, LTC John Green, WO1 Michael Grierson COL Wayne Hunt, Theresa Julius, CPT Mark Kelly, CPT Evelyn Kloos, 2LT Haley Knapp, 1LT Danial Landes, SPC Tyler Latvala, COL Rodger Martin, 2LT Serban Negoita, LTC Alexis Nusbaum, MAJ Kevin Olewiler, Jasmin Richardson, SGM Shaun Roach, CPT JoAnn Shapiro, SSG Ethan Simon, SSG Seth Weg, SGT Matthew Yates, SGT Anita Yawson, CPT William Yohn

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